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Taster Course

Then We strongly recommend taking part in our starter program by having a free session followed by, if you are still unsure, a 4 week taster course.

After this You can make a more informed decision and we can assess if you are serious about learning with us.

A win win for all

Just complete the booking form and we will get back to you to arrange a mutually convenient date for your free session where we can also answer any questions that you might have.

At no stage will you be under any obligation or pressure to continue, that is in nobodies best interest

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If you have not all ready done so, and need more information, then please go to our About Us section where you can read all about our style, programs and grading system.

“I really enjoyed last nights free practise, everyone was so nice and I think its what I am looking for. I felt very comfortable:) so I’ve decided to do the taster course.”

Luci Kernot