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Iaido & Aikido


Please note all hakama come with tacking which holds the pleats in place. Do not remove this tacking if you wish to return the item. We will not accept returns that have the tacking removed or broken.

A professional training hakama. Finished with a stitched hem and stiff waistband. Made from 65% polyester and 35% rayon.

Hakama Black


All Sizes:

Same specification as the black hakama

Hakama Blue

No Image Available


All Sizes:

Weapons Accessories

Available Only in Blue, 100% Cotton

Kendo/Iaido Keokogi

Suitable for both kendo and iaido practice these keokogi are a deluxe woven wrap-over jacket with the side slits of the jacket skirt edged with cotton tape.

All Sizes: £42.00