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The Junior Program

Our Junior Program is designed for children in the age range 7 to 16 years of age and sits between our "Little Ronin" and Senior Programs. Where as the "Little Ronin" Program is exclusively based around a Merit Badge approach, here we have a mixture of badges and belts to recognise progress. This is because older children like to have a more adult approach (i.e. belts) but at the same time still hold on to their younger side (i.e. badges).

In the Junior Program we use the belt system to mark the students progress through the grades and at the same time supplement this recognition with badges. Unlike the "Little Ronin" Program however the badges used here recognise "Life Skills" and not practical martial art skills like kicking or punching. So badges are awarded for such things as:







These "Life-Skill" badges are awarded often in conjunction with recommendations from both parent and teacher, so we are able to work together with you in the child's development and behaviour both at school and in the home.