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Change of Details

If you are renewing your membership and some of your details have changed since last year then please complete the online membership form so that we have your most up to date information on record.


Membership Payments

Fees Payable:

Junior Fee:         £20

Junior Half Price  £10

Junior Taster      £16

Senior Fee:        £40

Senior Half Price  £20

Senior Taster      £32

Payment Instructions

If you need to make more than one payment then provided they are both the same i.e. Junior or Senior you can select the quantity required at checkout.

Payment is via PayPal’s Secure Servers & will be to Jurojin Ltd

Important: You have the option of adding your membership No. As an “instruction to merchant”. The field is available  within your account. Please use it to ensures your payment is correctly allocated.


Half Price Values are for students who qualify for Family Discount

Taster values are for students who have just completed their taster course