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The Little Ronin Program

This program is designed specifically for very young children in the age range of 5 to 7 years old and is exclusive to Ryusui-Ryu. It is based entirely around a "Merit Badge" approach and  treats children as children and not small adults as many more traditional martial art systems do.

The small, neat, eye catching lightweight woven badges are easy to sew on,(unlike the thick, stiff badges with over locked edges) a real big plus for parents! They can also be glued on using fabric adhesive or a similar product. They become part of the suit and do not interfere with training.

This "Merit Badge" approach is ideal for young children; it motivates them and encourages them giving a very important visual sign of progress without the pressure of a more formal examination.

Using the badges also makes attendance at class more exciting as they strive to achieve the brightly coloured badges. The net result of this is an increase in the students involvement, attendance, concentration and ultimately their standard of practice.