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The senior program is designed for both sexes and all ages from 17 years upwards and since our method of practice is not based on physical strength or aggression, or competitive activities, there really is no upper age limit. Also the program is designed to improve your level of physical fitness as you progress so you will always be working within your own capabilities.

 Training sessions generally last for about 90 minutes and the emphasis is always on a relaxed, friendly and enjoyable learning experience whilst still maintaining a respectful well disciplined class.

Our grading schedule will enable the more dedicated student to achieve the coveted black belt in about 3 to 4 years. Once achieved suitable candidates will be selected to undergo our instructor development program and go on to open their own clubs within the Ryusui-Ryu organisation.

So we really do cater for everyone; if you wish to develop as a martial artist and open your own club we can accommodation you. If you just want to keep fit and learn a useful skill at the same time then we can look after you as well. There really is no better way to keep fit

The Senior Program