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Taking That 1st Step

Unfortunately most peoples perception of martial arts is based entirely on what they see in films, TV and the media and because of this incorrect image they dismiss them as unsuitable or even brutal or savage. For most martial arts this is far from the truth. Training in martial arts can have huge and far reaching benefits when it is taught and practiced correctly, and with the right frame of mind.

Many of the benefits are obviously health related; martial arts are an excellent way of keeping yourself fit and at the same time giving you both a physical and mental challenge. But they can also have other less obvious benefits like improving your flexibility, self confidence, concentration, stress levels etc. In our experience young children especially show huge levels of improvement in their concentration which often has a big knock-on for their school work.

So don't let a false perception stand in the way of all these advantages, give it a try you might well be very pleasantly surprised

Getting Started

Membership, License & Insurance

As soon as you begin to train with Ryusui-Ryu you will be asked to complete a membership application form. As well as registering you with our Governing Body for your insurance cover the form also provides your instructor with useful medical information and your home phone number and address as a contact in the event of an emergency.

Once registered with our Umbrella body you will be issued with a membership card and Licence Number valid for 1 year. This licence is your passport; proof that you are registered with our Umbrella Body for insurance and grade registration. It therefore should be kept safe. You may well be asked to produce your licence/membership card at various events as proof of insurance cover. This licence is also accepted in all Ryusui-Ryu schools.

Note: A student to student insurance and disability benefit is included in the licence fee.

All Information Is Kept Strictly Confidential