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Taster Course

Had Your Free Session and Still Not Sure if Our Style is For You?


That’s Exactly What our Taster Course is Designed For


If after your free session you still are not sure if what we offer is right for you then we highly recommend the taster course as there is no further obligation to join or continue if you still feel the same. We realise that unless you have done martial arts before then it can be difficult to decide if you like our style. The extra time provided by the course allows you to make a more informed decision. It also means that we enrol students who really want to learn with us and are not just "tyre kicking”. That’s a waste of everyones time.

About the Course


    4 week course

    Temporary Membership

    Temporary Insurance

    No Obligation to Continue



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Complete the on-line membership form via the link below

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Then make the payment from this page (opposite)



Through your local club Instructor where you took your free session

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