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Iaido Obi (Belt)

This is a traditional kimono belt, from Japan,  suitable for iaido training. The length is 401cm by 9.4cm wide.

The width of this belt will support your katana and is far superior to using a standard obi as provided with most karate or judo suits

Knee Pads

Made from shock resistant foam these knee protectors will provide the comfort required for long periods of training on your knees. An essential item as iaido is generally practised on a hard floor with lots of work from a kneeling position

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Sword Cleaning Kits

These kits contain all you need to maintain your sword, including hammer, oil etc

It is vitally important that you maintain any katana to ensure that the blade is oiled and the sword is safe to use. If you are unsure then please consult your instructor. You can download instructions on how to clean your sword here.

Sharpening Stones

Essential quality sharpening stones to ensure that your katana’s razor sharp edge is maintained. Ideal for smoothing out any minor damage to the cutting edge.

Please Note: These should not be used on cheaper iaito with alloy blades. Also please consult you instructor to ensure that you have enough skill to handle a  live (sharp) blade without removing parts of your anatomy


It is traditional for all grades to wear the hakama for iaido practice

More hakama shown here

Sword Oil

Traditionally Japanese choji clove oil is used to clean and protect the katana’s blade.

Japanese camellia oil is an alternative oil. It comes in a handy economical spray dispenser as well.

Bokken & Scabbard

This bokken is made from polypropylene which is a very strong and durable material. The overall length is 102 cm.

This sword is ideal for a novice to learn iaido. It will not replace a real sword but will be sufficiently effective for you to learn the basics of the art.

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