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About Our Classes

Ryusui-Ryu clubs have been providing Martial Arts instruction in the South East Since 2006

Giving students the chance to keep fit through a subtle blend of karate and Aikido

All our classes are run by highly motivated instructors who are fully qualified and trained to the highest standards. They all have DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) checks as part of our Safeguarding Children and vulnerable adults strategy.

All our classes are suitable for both beginners & the more experienced students of all ages. They are run in a friendly, fun & relaxed environment.

Sensei Neil Instructing a Class

The Benefits of Our Training

  • Stress Relief & Improved Mental Health
  • An overall closer understanding of your body
  • Better Focus/Concentration
  • Improved Balance & Flexibility
  • Better Reflexes & Coordination
  • Improved Fitness Levels
  • More Self Confidence
  • Discipline

These are just a few of the common benefits associated with martial art training and there are a lot more. Many parents have commented on improvements in their children since attending classes e.g. behaviour, improvements in their school work etc. Attending regular weekly classes are a great way to experience improvements in all the above areas and more. In addition you will learn a new skill while, most importantly, having fun and socialising.

Sensei Neil Instructing

The Individual Programmes

Junior Classes (Age 7 to 14 years) - This is our “Little Ronin” program designed for the younger kids. It uses a belt & badge system to reward and motivate the children.

Junior Classes (Age 14 to 18 years) - We generally find that children in this age range respond better when they train with adults. They are usually more than capable of holding their own and for this reason they practice and learn the adult schedule. But we never forget that each child is different and in some cases they may respond better in the younger group. So a discussion with the parents is always part of the decision process. Also they only pay the junior rate.

Adult Classes (Age 18 and Upwards)

Sensei Neil Instructing

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