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Kote Gaeshi Throw

How to Join Our Club

1. Your first Step

Whether you’re new to Martial Arts or have already had some experience, we like everyone to have the opportunity to try our classes for FREE to ensure they are right for you and you are right for Us.

So to get the ball rolling and access your free training sessions simply complete the form or give Us a call 

2. Your Next Step

If after your free session you still are not sure if what we offer is right for you then we highly recommend the taster course as there is no further obligation to join or continue if you still feel the same. We realise that unless you have done martial arts before then it can be difficult to decide if you like a particular style or not. The extra time provided by the course allows you to make a more informed decision. It also means that we enrol students who really want to learn with us and are not just "tyre kicking”. That’s a waste of everyones time.

You can make your booking here

Seminar Action

3. The Final Step

Join the club or wave us goodbye. If you like what we do and wish to continue  all you have to do is pay your membership. and set up your monthly standing order. You will receive detailed instructions by email once you have completed the taster course.

You will also need to purchase a Gi (training suit) which you can do from the links in our shop. The Karate Suits are cheaper and ok to start but a judo is better wearing and will last longer.

Please do contact us if you have any questions

Junior Students training
Sensei Starks Teaching

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