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Regrettably, Emily has had to resign her membership of Myra's Thursday Ryusui Ryu group at the Angel Centre. She has greatly enjoyed her time there and loved working with Myra, who is a wonderful teacher!

Mrs Herriott-Sadler Parent, Tonbridge Angel Centre Club

After about a 10 year break from training, I contacted Sensei Waters with a view to training again. I'm pleased to say that not only was he more happy for me to make a return but he generously allowed me to retain my previous grade, after some assessment, naturally.  One of the things that I have noticed about the style of Ryusui Ryu is the lack of ego that is present within the class, from either the instructors or the other students. They are very welcoming and accepting of all abilities, regardless of background. The fact that it is non-competitive means there is no pressure to progress which allows you to advance at your own pace. I suffer with a condition that affects my balance and image stabilisation so the focus generated within certain aspects of training allow me to test and improve this. The calm and simplicity of Ryusui Ryu harmonises my other interests, which include Cross fit & Yoga, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their general wellness.

Neil Coughtrey, Tonbridge Angel Centre Club

I joined Ryusui-Ryu in Sept 14 on the recommendation of a friend. Paul is my instructor and I have found him to be both very helpful and patient in his teaching. He is always encouraging us to progress and improve our skills. I Knew very little about Aikido before joining but would recommend both Aikido and the club to anyone interested in learning a martial art.

Harry, Jubilee Centre club

My sons (aged10 & 7) always enjoy attending the Angel Centre sessions with Myra. They love the fact that it's fun, and yet they can achieve something as well, in working towards their belts, learning discipline, keeping fit and (when necessary) throwing dad onto the floor (in a safe manner...).

Mrs Walker Parent, Tonbridge Angel Centre Club

I joined the East Grinstead club in 2014 and found it to be very friendly and welcoming. I chose the club because I was keen on trying a style that was non-competitive. The blend of aikido and karate is very complimentary. Neil is an excellent instructor and the classes have the right balance of traditional formality and relaxed training that make them very enjoyable. I particularly enjoy the technical aspects of aikido and that it doesn’t rely on strength.  I have noticed improvements in my fitness and enjoy the mental challenge of improving and learning new techniques.

Suzy Callaway, Jubilee Centre club

Aikido as taught in this club ticks all the boxes for me. It offers a continual challenge irrespective of one's current level of achievement, and provides scope for continual self-improvement and confidence boosting through personal achievement. It is good for building up one's physical fitness and stamina, as well as developing one's mental awareness and response.

Ingvar Svenson, Felbridge Club

Your teachings are really, really beautiful and inspiring. There is so much humbleness and yet wisdom in them and I think I can speak for the two of us when saying that we were truly honoured to spend time and learn even if it was only for a little while.

Janis McDonald Tonbridge Angel Centre Club

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