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Kote Gaeshi Throw

Membership Form

Please note training without valid membership, and hence no insurance cover, is against the rules of the club.

We reserve the right to decline an application without giving a reason

Change of Details

If you are renewing your membership and some of your details have changed since last year then please complete the online membership form so that we have your most up to date information on record.


Taster Course Applications

 You must complete the membership form as this is for your insurance cover. You are not being asked to join

if you are a new member or registering for the Taster Course please leave the Membership No. blank

Your email address is important to us as it is our preferred method of communication with you. So if you have an address please fill this in

Do you suffer from any of the following ; if so please discuss this with your instructor. All discussions will be in absolute confidence.(Please mark all that apply)

I agree that I shall abide by the rules of conduct expected of me and give my permission for my personal details to be recorded and retained by the club for the exclusive purpose of insurance registration and club communication. I understand that my details will not be shared with other external organisations. By clicking the agreed box I am signifying acceptance of these conditions.

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